First class acrylics and mirrors delivered across England and Wales

Breaking up the interior of your business premises can be done in lots of different ways.  One of the most modern and stylish is with the use of acrylics and mirrors and if you are in the Crewe area, Goodwin Plastics can supply a comprehensive range of these to match with your business décor.

acrylics and mirrors across England and Wales

What We Offer

  • Full range of coloured acrylic panels
  • Various sheet sizes offered
  • Wide range of stunning colours
  • Mirror panels provided
  • Break up rooms or add style

Acrylic and mirror walls

Acrylic and mirror panels can be used in a wide range of ways inside a building and even in homes.  An open plan office can be transformed into a bright and colourful series of smaller spaces with the use of these panels as dividers.  They allow light to flow or reflect while adding privacy to create spaces that are separate from the larger office.

These panels can be added to walls to increase the sense of space and for aesthetic reasons.  They can be used in kitchen or bathroom areas to protect walls as well as to brighten up other areas.  We create the panels to your exact needs and have the ability to offer up to 2440mm x 1220mm size panels in 3mm thick plastic.

Full range of plastic fabrications

As well as the acrylic and mirror panels, we offer a full range of plastic fabrications.  From plastic water tanks to boat and camper accessories, underground land drainage and stokboard, we can help with your plastic product requirements. 

We offer bespoke design and creation services so if you need something of an unusual size or dimensions, we can easily create it from scratch for you.  And if you are unsure what you need, our design service is here to help with inspiration and case studies to assist.

Acrylics and Mirrors

Sheet sizes available are 2440mm x 1220 x 3mm.

Plastic fabrication in Crewe

"Highly recommended! Perfect service all round. A well deserved 5 stare rating."

Suzie Lennon

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At Goodwin Plastics Ltd we are experts in plastic fabrication in Crewe, Cheshire and beyond, offering delivery covering both England and Wales. Contact us today on 01270 582 516 to speak to our friendly team to discuss your requirements and to receive your free, no obligation quote. Whether you need assistance with plastic water tanks, acrylics, mirrors, stokboard, boat or camper accessories, we are here to help.