What is Stokboard and What Can It Be Used For?

Here at Goodwin Plastics, we work in all kinds of plastic materials such as Perspex and polycarbonate sheeting to make the products that our customers need.  These are ideal for things like customised water and waste tanks, camper van accessories and canal boat accessories.  But it isn’t the only thing we work with and one of the most versatile and sustainable materials is called Stokboard.  But what is it and what can it be used for?

What is Stokboard

What is stokboard?

Stokboard is a multi-purpose recycled sheet that has loads of different uses and a lot of impressive benefits.  Around Crewe and Cheshire, it is often used in place of plywood so while it isn’t ideal for jobs like underground land drainage, it is perfect for livestock equipment.

Stokboard is made from recycled materials and this makes it a sustainable and environmentally friendly option.  As more people and businesses take notice of their ‘carbon footprint’ and the impact their activities have on the wider world, this kind of material is increasingly popular. As well as being environmentally friendly, it is also rot proof, so has a very long shelf life.

Why choose stokboard?

In addition to its environmental credentials, there are some impressive reasons to choose stokboard for a wide range of products. 

It lasts far longer than timber when it is outside and can handle wet areas without rotting or splitting.  This tough and durable material also has virtually no maintenance cost as there’s no need to paint or treat it.  It can be steam cleaned if it is used around livestock or in other ways becomes dirty because it is non-absorbent.

If you do plan to use it around livestock, the material is chew resistant and non-toxic so even the most determined animal cannot make themselves ill chewing it.  The textured surface also looks smart so no matter how many plastic water bowls are thrown at it, those scuff marks are not easy to see.

Products made with stokboard are easy to install and highly resistant to chemicals.  So if you need to use cleaning products inside the container, for example, you don’t have to worry about them leeching in and causing problems.  And the product is easy to work with so if you want to attempt some experienced DIY projects, it can be done with the right equipment.

What can you make with it?

The list of what you can make with stokboard is pretty extensive and we are always finding new ways to utilise it.  But here are a few ideas:

  • Sheep and pig pens
  • Gates and fencing around animals
  • Stable lining
  • Floor and wall cladding where livestock live

As well as livestock applications, it is also great for fencing and barriers as well as to create ground, cable or pipe protection.  It can be applied to walls as a cladding material and also containers made from it to hold all kinds of items.  You can even make furniture from it!  There are so many things that stokboard can do, it is an ever increasingly popular material for domestic and commercial use.

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