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If you need a strong material to use in place of plywood and want one that has strong environmentally friendly credentials, then stokboard is the answer.  And if you are looking for stokboard in Crewe, then Goodwin Plastics are a top supplier.

stokboard in Crewe

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  • Crewe based stokboard supplier
  • Recycled sustainable product
  • Rot proof and no maintenance costs
  • Longer shelf life than timber
  • Resistant to chemicals

What is stokboard?

Stokbord is an extremely versatile material which can be fabricated into a wide range of shapes and forms using standard cutting and jointing techniques.

Stokboard is 100% recycled sheet material that does not rot and is very easy to keep clean, meaning there is virtually no maintenance needed once it is in place. Proven in use over many years, Stokbord recycled plastic sheet is used in a wide range of performance applications and is often selected to replace traditional materials such as timber, plywood, concrete and even steel.

Stokboard is an environmentally friendly material that is sustainable and has a longer shelf life than timber when outside or in wet conditions. It is also highly resistant to chemicals and is chew resistant as well as being non-toxic, so there are no concerns if used for pets or livestock and they like to chew or peck. Stokbord has been widely used in a large number of applications over many years. It is extensively adopted in agriculture and equestrian applications, as well as in construction and industrial settings.

Uses for stokboard

We have found no end to the number of uses that stokboard has and this is why we offer services with it for our customers.  From making a hut for pigs to spend the night in to creating a strong drinking trough for sheep or dividers for milking cows, stokboard has many different uses.  It is also an ideal material to use for boat and camper accessories and comes in a black embossed shade.

We stock sheets that are 2440 x 1220mm and in both 9mm and 12mm thicknesses.  So if you are unsure exactly what you need, simply give us a call and we can look at the options to see what works best for your project and ensure you get the full benefits of stokboard for years to come.

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